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Adolescent/Young Adult Treatment

Our Adolescent/Young adult TBT-S therapy is for people 13 to 18 years of age who have been diagnosed with anorexia. This unique 5-day intensive approach is a significant advancement in the treatment of anorexia.

Choosing treatment is a big decision that takes courage. We are here to support you along your journey.

Adolescent Treatment Overview

Eating disorders are persistent conditions characterized by symptoms that may last for many years or even a lifetime. The impact of this devastating illness on a child affects every member of the family and the relationships among them, which is profound. Recent research in the field of eating disorders suggests that involving families in the treatment process can lead to unprecedented levels of success. Eating disorders are chronic conditions that can last a lifetime. They profoundly impact the entire family, but involving families in treatment can lead to unprecedented success. 


Adolescent-Young Adult TBT-S helps parents manage their child's eating disorder at home and teaches adolescents effective coping strategies. We work with family members to provide support and a roadmap for successful recovery. Treatment includes psychoeducation, coping skills training, parent training, meal coaching, and novel neurobiological skills based on brain imaging research. The program improves understanding, communication, and capacity for growth.​


Adolescent-Young Adult TBT-S for adolescents with eating disorders and their families takes place from Monday to Friday and involves approximately 35 weekly treatment hours. The program is conducted in a multi-family format, where 3-6 families receive treatment together. Participants receive family therapy, coping skills training, parent training, and psychoeducation. Adolescent-Young Adult TBT-S aligns with Family Based Treatment therapy protcols and treatment goals.

TBT-S Intervention(s) in Adolescent/Young Adult Program

Getting Started

Attend a Zoom Info Session

We offer weekly open Zoom calls with various individuals from the treatment team. Anybody is
welcome! Supports clients and referring providers.

Contact Us

​You can email treatment questions directly to the TBT-S team:
or call: 509.904.6404.

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