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Brain Based Therapy NW

KXLY News Piece: 


KXLY reports the personal account an individual's journey through TBT-S treatment at here at BBTNW. See the report here.

Your Journey to Joy Podcast: 


In this episode of the Journey to Joy podcast, host Moyra Gorski delves into the important topic of eating disorders and treatment with special guest Dr. Krista Crotty. Listen to the full episode


Dr. Krista Crotty joined Julia Trehane to discuss TBT-S and how it is bringing so much hope to individuals going through eating disorder treatment. Listen to  the full episode.

“This specific form of treatment is really the first of its kind that’s intersecting eating disorder research, literature from the field, and research on the brain,” Crotty says. “It’s understanding temperament and biology that’s just genetic.”  Read More

TBT-S. BBT Corrected Color _edited.png

Krista Crotty and her team are bringing groundbreaking eating disorder treatments to the Spokane community, becoming the first practice in the nation to offer Temperament-Based Treatment with Supports (TBT-S) in a private, five-day intensive program. Read More

What Clients Say

"I feel more confident in helping my loved one.  It's like we threw the windows open on her illness and shined a big bright light on it, whereas before, we tiptoed around it."
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