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Our Team.

We are a group of enthusiastic providers who believe deeply in the treatment we offer, the care of every client and their Supports. We believe that this treatment will enhance the lives of those who choose to participate. Choosing treatment is a big decision that takes courage. We are here to support you along your journey.

Director's Note From Dr. Krista Crotty

I have worked in the field of eating disorders since 2009. I started in the field shortly after completing my degree, workingin outpatient care/private practice. Early in my career, I trained in the classic evidence-based treatments for eating disorders: Family Based Treatment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral therapy. 

In 2009, there were few eating disorder treatment specialists in the Pacific Northwest and even fewer treatment facilities. To increase education and awareness in the PNW, a group of professionals and I started the Inland Northwest Coalition on Eating Disorders (INCED). This group was important as it attracted The Emily Program to the Spokane area, increasing treatment options for those with eating disorders in the inland northwest. I joined the Emily Program in 2012 as the director of the Spokane facility. I worked with the Emily Program to hire and train the staff for this facility. I was the director for several years - training and treating patients of all ages. Several years later, The Emily Program expanded to the South Sound (Olympia, WA) area and opened residential treatment in  Seattle. During this time, I was training new staff and using evidence-based treatment to care for individuals with eating disorders. 

Although I found success in using traditional evidence-based therapies, I always felt like something was missing. People seeking care in the past and today often lacked a deep understanding of their illness, specifically the neurobiological underpinnings of their eating disorder,  the changes in the brain that occur throughout the illness, and the temperament and personality presentation of those who are suffering. Additionally, we were (and still are) leaving supportive family members/partners/community outside of care.  

In 2012, I came across a Ted Talk given by Dr. Laura Hill ("Eating Disorders from the Inside Out"), which I found incredibly insightful and relatable. It was the first time I heard a professional speak about the importance of discussing the brain with individuals struggling with eating disorders. I was fascinated by the content and the work of Dr. Hill and her colleagues. In 2017, I started working with Dr. Hill directly to learn how to integrate TBT-S into patient care. I took the position of National Director of Brain-Based Therapies with the hope and plan to bring TBT-S in a 5-day model to Accanto Health.  Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic hindered the implementation of TBT-S. Feeling as though, seeing incredible results from my colleagues in Norway and Australia, I decided that it was too valuable of a treatment to keep waiting, and people deserved to have access to it. Therefore, after almost 12 years since my first aha moment and eight years of training with Dr. Hill and her colleagues, I have decided to reveal this “secret” and make this therapy available to everyone.

We launched  TBT-S at Brain Based Therapy NW so all of America can access this life-changing treatment!! We hope you will join us in care or as a referring provider!

Dr. Laura Hill

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